Blueberry cheese cake

Large juice selection

We have many different juices to choose from, but if you want your own combo, just let us know and we will make it.

Serious filling

In our muffins you will find the filling you want - and we are generous...

Cake pop

Fresh cake sponge dipped in dark chocolate...

The classic Red Velvet

There is nothing like fresh chocolate sponge and soft mascarpone cream...

Welcome to Muffins and More

There is a reason why our slogan is "freshly baked every day..."

Muffins, that's our thing

Muffins, that's our thing
With a daily selection of over 20 different muffins and the capability of producing even more varieties, Muffins and More is your cafe for fresh muffins every day.

Cheese cakes, real cheese...

Cheese cakes, real cheese...
Our cheese cakes only contains real cheese. No gelatine or other unnecessary fillers. Pure goodness and you can taste the difference.
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